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How a Vacuum Excavation Truck Helps Excavate Underground Utilities

When it comes to picking the right construction equipment for a job, there is a wide range of choices, but one that has always been in style is the vacuum excavator. These versatile machines can usually be found in two different options: self-propelled or towable. In this article, we will explore some of the more popular uses for these machines, as well as a little information on where to purchase them and how to use them most effectively.

Vacuum Excavation Towing: One of the more difficult types of jobs is taking apart large, heavy pieces of concrete or steel while still maintaining the integrity of the surface underneath. This is because the materials often need to travel quite a distance to begin with, and if they were to break down in the process, significant structural damage could result. When it comes to these types of jobs, a vacuum excavation truck is very handy to have available. Essentially, this type of construction equipment is used to "tow" a large piece of debris such as broken pipes or heavy concrete slabs to where it is needed. From there, the truck is then able to slowly penetrate the dirt and other utilities beneath the piece of property to complete the job.  You should click here for more about these vacuum trucks.

Self Propelled Excavators: These types of vacuum excavation trucks are often seen on jobs that involve scooping out large quantities of dirt or other materials from a high area. Essentially, what happens is that an air vacuum system is used to blast the dirt and other material to a nearby location. The downside of this method is that a good portion of the dirt will be blasted into the air as well, meaning the vehicle will need to spend more time working the dirt to remove it than it would by using a push cylinder. However, this may be well worth the investment, as it is far less expensive to purchase a self propelled vacuum system than it is to use one of the more traditional methods of excavating. In addition, a self propelled system can often be driven by a remote control, making it much easier to get the job completed.

Heavy Duty: As the name indicates, these types of vacuum excavation trucks are used when heavy materials are being removed from a specific location. For example, if a building is going to be demolished, the vacuum excavator will need to remain stationary in order to perform its job properly. Typically, a piece of this equipment is attached to a series of wheels that can be moved around in order to expose the soil underneath. Once the dirt is exposed, a series of hoses will be attached to the soft dirt, which the demolition worker will then use to blast away at the materials that need to go away. This is a very effective method, as it can make the work much faster and much more efficient than if the soft soil was to simply be shoveled by hand. This type of excavating is also typically much stronger than the equipment that is used for light dirt removal jobs. Visit:  haakerunderground.com to get more info about these trucks.

Soft Drilling: Many people are familiar with the process of "trenching". This involves excavating an area, digging a hole, and then sealing off the space so that no groundwater can leak into it. This is the same basic concept that is used with a vacuum excavation truck, except with these trucks there are two feet of dirt that must be excavated instead of just one. In addition to this, the operator of the truck is able to drive the soft excavating equipment much further into the earth and be much farther away from the drilling spot before the actual drilling begins. A benefit of this method is that the truck is always fully operational, meaning that the work is not suspended because of rain or other weather conditions.

As you can see, both hard and soft excavation techniques can be performed with the use of a vacuum excavator. Both are very useful in the maintenance of underground utility cables networks, and each one has specific benefits. These include; easier excavation time, faster excavation, and less drilling holes. Both are also safer and more effective than standard surface mining methods. For companies that have a need for either of these excavation techniques, it is best to hire a reputable company that specializes in both methods to ensure that the job is done right. Contact a local vacuum excavating company to learn more about the services that they offer today. Get more info related to this topic on this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truck.

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